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Work together as one to control this fragile bot! Two players control a pair of legs each, or a pair of turrets. Turrets must defend the entire team from explosive drones before they reach and damage the bot, while the legs need to work together to keep a safe distance from drones and avoiding the destructive beam of the laser turrets.

Legs can hold either left or right trigger to raise the corresponding leg, and use the corresponding joystick to move the leg. Only one of four legs can be raised/moved at a time, so the two players controlling the legs must communicate and cooperate to ensure they allow their teammate to lift and move their legs. No leg left behind!

Turrets must shoot at and destroy enemy drones and laser turrets before they damage the bot. Only one of the two turrets can fire at a time, and the angle they can reach is constrained, so they must communicate with the rest of the team to make sure no enemy is able to flank the hard-to-reach spot above and below the bot.

This is a quick and dirty prototype made for DATT4300  - Collaborative Game Development at York University, so this is more of a game-jam type prototype, and I don't expect to flesh this out into a full blown game anytime soon (at least not until quarantine ends and I am able to test with people). Any and all feedback is immensely appreciated if someone is able to test the game with two other people. 


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