Use WASD to move around platforms, hold Right Mouse to prepare a dash and press Left Mouse to perform the dash.

You can only dash as far as your meter allows, it will only refresh once you touch the ground again.

Each dice you hit is worth the value on its shown face; the more dice you hit in a single dash, the higher the score multiplier for that dash.

Our initial design had the player start with hit points, with the dice each shooting a number of projectiles based on their current value. Being hit by a projectile or touching the dice outside of a dash would hurt the player, and at 0 HP obviously the round would end.

The dice would also have re-rolled their values and moved to slightly different spots after they fired, so the player could gamble by waiting for higher rolls and risking more projectiles - the higher numbers would also stick around longer while & after they fired these, to also give more time to collect higher numbers.

We also considered health and dash pickups, as well as a round-based system with upgrades between rounds or between full runs; additionally, more types of dice - such as golden dice, worth more points and higher multipliers, and other-sided dice than just 6-sided -  were planned and modeled, but not implemented in time.

We have every intention to continue working on this game outside of the jam, but please let us know what you think of the almost-50-hour prototype! 🥰

Known bugs:

  • New dice will interrupt a dash when spawning, which they should not until fully finished animating, at which point they can be dashed through as normal
  • Dash bar below the player will not update; it was replaced with the bar below the score counter
  • Dice will sometimes land inside/behind walls, and occasionally seem to disappear?
  • Waves of new dice will only spawn after a dash, which is intended, but leaving the game open without dashing for a while will continue to increase the spawn count for the next wave, which is not entirely inteded 😅
  • Dashing to the bottom of the screen may end the dash deceptively early; this is due to the player's collision shape being a capsule for the platforming, which is intentional, but also feels awkward during the dash

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